VISA 30 Day Limit? > Extension at Airports > Have I Achieved That?

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Dec 15, 2003
:tired:Destroying Future DR Income? 'Snow Birds' 30 Day Limit? > CHANGE of LAWs ????

So many of my friends from different countries are trying to come back this year,,,,

BUT all seem to receive the same AUTO Response from their Dominican Republic Embassies, by EmaiL..
OR PRESS "OPTION Button", in their countries. = SAME AUTO REPLY = 30 DAY LIMIT.. de dah de dah...

SO I decided to do something about it in 'an ear or two' for MANY, many months..=

Loss of Snow Birds Income,, will cost the DR


So whilst I was in a court in Santo Domingo last week, I asked an opposing lawyer about my fight on the same subject;

Her reply; = Yes, xxxxxxx, it appears you have won..

'Regular visitors to this country can now ask @ ANY AIRPORT Immigration Dept.,, WHEN THEY ARRIVE..for an Extension to their 30 Day Limit VISA.'

I am not saying her info. was legally correct/confirmed.. NOR do I want any 'BROWNIEE' Points on this..

BUT, your families can go to your local Immigration Office and extend their VISA...

But it would be interesting for long term EX-Pats, to look into this further, & post their findings through their 'contacts'

Christmas is close guys, we all want our families to stay longer than the 30 day limit

PLEASE keep this thread on TOPIC & dont report about your cousin Nora's last visit.. last year,, etc...

Let us all teach the DR Govt. to not affect us legal residents, and stop our families staying with us longer..
for things like Christmas, etc...

The DR is correct in 'Closing its' 'Doors'.. But they just have to do it the right way to protect ALL DOMINICANs...
& legal residents living here.:cool:

Tough chit if you don't agree.. The world is a dangerous place now


Feb 7, 2007
It's been posted in recent days that the tourist card is valid for 60 days.

And it's a tourist CARD, not VISA. VISA is valid for 90 days and is issued by the embassy and the stay cannot be extended.

You are again mixing platanos with guineitos.
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