Visitor Visa Extension and Telecommuting Question


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Aug 6, 2013

I am Canadian and I wanted to stay in DR for 1 year. My ex-husband who is the father of my son lives there. I wanted them to spend time together, because he deserves to know his father.

Is it possible to travel on the regular visitor visa (I think it is 30 days) and have it extended while we are there?

Also I am a transcriptionist and I work from home here in Canada, am I allowed to telecommute and still do my work online for my Canadian employers (they have no issues with it)?

I have tried to find information on the internet and could not locate anything.

Sorry for so many questions, but any help would be fantastic.



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Apr 26, 2012
You can go thru the proper channels get an initial 60 day visa while you apply for residency that can take who knows how long.
We have been in country for 15 months have gone thru all the BS of getting our residency cards and just got an email that they changed the laws again so now my 15 yr old needs to go get Xrays down in Santo Domingo as soon as we get back from the states.

Or you can do like all the kiteboarders and snow birds do and just pay a overstay fee when you leave. If I had to do it all over again I would do that instead of paying money into the DR gubmint on waiting on residency papers for over a year then they are only good for one year then you have to start the whole process over again.

And you should be able to work online no problem I know there are quite a few people on this board and in the DR that make their income this way with no repercussions.


Sep 27, 2006
internet is not a problem. well, maybe it is as it is expensive, slow and not so reliable. i work online and i have a last resort: mobile phone. i can use it as a hot spot and have internet at anytime, as long as i have a signal.
ignore the visa, pay overstay fee upon departure. for one year it is not worth the hassle and expenses.
Just come and pay the overstay limit which will be MINIMAL!!! I would not bother on the expensive 60 day visa or the year visa, takes so long and is so expensive, seriously not worth it in your case!!! Overstay cost is soooooo small!! I am going to Canada before my residency is "approved" for 16 days, i can't remember the exact amount for overstating 5 months but it is sooooo little. Other people will remember and post amounts, i just don't care if it is less than $100??!! who gives a sh&t!! Or even if a bit more than $100?! WHO CARES!!?!

Bob K

Aug 16, 2004
Pay the over stay fee. Here is a list of the fee and I believe it is current. If not current the fees have not changed much.

De 30 d?as a 3 meses
RD $800.00

De 3 meses a 9 meses
RD $1,000.00

De 9 meses a 1 a?o
RD $2,500.00

De 1 a?o a 1 a?o y 6 meses
RD $4,000.00

De 1 a?o y 6 meses a 2 a?os
RD $5,000.00

So if you stay just a year the fee is $2500 pesos.

Bob K


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Mar 22, 2013
US$120 to overstay for a year and a half? That almost sounds like the Dominican government prefers NOT to issue residencies to foreigners at all. It also sends a loud and clear message that there is hardly any work for legal residents or citizens. In the US, it's easier to get a work visa if you have some scientific or engineering background to contribute here.