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Jan 12, 2004
I purchased a small home in a gated community about a year ago. I needed a caretaker as I can only spend about 8 weeks a year right now, in the Dominican Republic. The manager of our gated community recommended a local gentleman. The manager said I should pay him $125.00 U.S.D. per month. I'd like to know if thats too little, too much or just right.
When I'm not there, he takes care of the lawn and the pool. He also airs out the house every couple of days. He takes care of any repair problems. He's fixed the roof and repaired water pipes. When I'm there, he cleans the house, does dishes, drives me around and will do any chore I ask of him. He does an excellent job. His only job is working for me, so I'm his only source of income.
Is this a fair wage?


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Jun 9, 2004
too much!!! you let me chill at your place when you're not there and i'll air it out daily, do the lawn and clean the pool for free. water pipes and that stuff i don't know how to do. when you come i get out, then you hire the guy to serve you and drive you around. :cool: ;)
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Jun 10, 2004
Compared to what I know some others pay for that kind of service you are paying a bit high but if he?s doing a good job and you are happy with him and more importantly he fixes more things then he breaks then don?t change a thing. Sounds like your home is in good hands when you?re not here.


Jan 1, 2002
The BOTTOM line is 'If HE is happy with the wage, & YOU are happyto pay that - then it is a FAIR wage!" If he is NOT happy with the wage, he will either ask you for a raise or he will tell you he is going to leave because he has been offered a better wage somewhere else!

US $125 = RD $4,500, NOT a living wage as it costs about RD $6,000 plus for a Dominican to get by these days. HOWEVER, he DOES have the opportunity to get other work & spend time earning somewhere else & that can not be YOUR responsibility. How many hours does he spend at your place "working"? I pay my gardener RD $3,400 per month for 13 hours per week (approx 60 hours per month). This equates to RD $56.66 per hour, which is a GOOD wage for a gardener/handyman. He is reliable, hardworking & GOOD at his work, so I am more than happy to pay him over the odds because he is worth it to me. I have introduced him to 2 other people to work for (at approx same wage) so he is getting somewhere in the region of RD $11,000 per month for 5 days PW/4.3 weeks per month. HE is happy, I am happy & I think those whom I introduced him to are happy as well. IF/when petrol prices go up again, I'll probably increase his allowance for petrol useage in getting to & from my house!!

PLEASE remember though, at Christmas time you need to pay the "13th" months wage which should be the equivalent to the normal monthly wage!! this is also known as the "Christmas Bonus"!! Also, as you are paying him a regular wage, you are liable for "Liquidacion" should he leave you for any reason. Check out the labour laws to make sure you understand your obligations as an employer!!

From a personal viewpoint, I would probably pay him US $150 p.m to do the work whilst you are away & (because of additional work he does whilst you are here) US $200 p.m. when you are staying in the house! If he has any particular interests/hobbies in life, you might bring him a "Present" when you next come visit - something which is 'inexpensive' from there, but quite expensive down here because it is taxed on importation!! - Grahame.
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