Who is a "typical" tourist in Cabarete?



I'm still trying to decide where to go near Puerto Plata and from people's helpful suggestions to an earlier question, Cabarete sounds pretty nice. I'd really like to be in a town with a nice mix of people. I'm planning on going with several friends (30-something singles and couples). We don't mind having a few drinks at night, but aren't into the 24-hour "all you can drink" atmosphere you find at some resorts.

I know every resort town has it's own tourist profile in terms of age, nationality, marital status (singles, couples, families with children), personality type (laid back, partyer, sophisticated, athletic) etc. Is there a "typical" tourist in Cabarete, or is it a good mix of people of various backgrounds?

Thanks in advance.


Cabarete is the windsurf town.....so you have many young people.
Also it is small not a city like Puerto Plata. It has a great beach, you can walk along it for a long time. The town is located on the beach and has a very laid back atmosphere....You can visit Sosua which has some history and a different life style.
My choice would be Cabarete.


My wife and I are returning to Cabarete to the Camino del Sol on January 17th. We were there 2 years ago for a week. The resort is a pretty laid back all inclusive with almost exclusively European tourists (we and another couple were the only ones from the US), and a private beach. The bar is open from 10:30 to 23:00. The prices are more reasonable than the travel pages indicate (they rate it as "very expensive" based on Christmas / New Years high season). We are paying the published rate from their web site of $45.00US per person per day all inclusive - unchanged from December 1998.
I hope that this helps a little. If you have any questions please e-mail us.