Why send coconuts to Colombia for transshipment to Europe?


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Feb 20, 2019

To export cocaine. 117 kilos of high-purity cocaine was found to have been diluted into the water of coconuts for export. The shipment traveled from the Dominican Republic to Cartagena Port in Colombia.

The final destination, nevertheless, was not Colombia. Rather it was Spain. The exporters had removed the coconut water and exchanged this with the diluted cocaine. The shipment is said to have a market price of EUR7 million for an estimated 440,000 doses of cocaine, EFE reports.

Colombian authorities were tipped off by French authorities. A canine unit and imaging analysis revealed the orifices and the illicit drug the anti-narcotics division at the port inspected the shipment of 18 tons of coconuts that would have been exported to Algeciras in Spain.

Colombia National Police director general William René Salamanca, says this is a new modality...

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