Will the PRM bring change or more of the same when replacing deputies in Congress?


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Feb 20, 2019
Nelson Arroyo, Josefa Castillo and Olmedo Caba / Diario Libre

One of the problematic political predicaments the Abinader government has yet to overcome is how the new ruling party will handle the replacements for three deputies that won their seats but have been appointed to high up government jobs. People hope for politics of change while others are betting on politics as usual.

The electoral law establishes the political party will present a shortlist of three for a vote in the Chamber of Deputies. Over the past decades, it has become traditional for the vote to be negotiated beforehand. The practice has been to allocate the seat to a relative of the deputy, or person of choice of the deputy. This time around, with the ruling party promising to move away from nepotism and align with democratic principles, there is a move for the appointing instead the...
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