Women football fans ....


On Vacation....
Nov 16, 2003
After getting married, this jock decided that both he and his wife should share in each other's interests. So she introduced him to shopping, talking, holding hands, foreplay, and all that other girlie stuff and he reciprocated by introducing her to the finer pursuits in life like Football. For her initiation into the cultured world of sports, he decided to take her to a football game.

Well they arrived at the stadium and enjoyed the pre-game practice and show and settled in their seats for an afternoon of football. During the pre-game show, he briefly explained the rules of the game and also mentioned that when their team controlled the ball she should show her support by clapping or shouting the team's name and when the other team controlled the ball, she should shout D-FENCE, D-FENCE, .... !!!!!

The game finally started with their team winning the toss and electing to receive the ball. The team gained 5 yards on the first play and the fans started to clap and shout to show their support but the jock noticed his wife was subdued. After the second play, the team gained 4 yards and again the fans were shouting but the jock's wife was silent. At 3rd and 1, the jock's wife started to shout D-FENCE, D-FENCE, .... !!!!! He was rather surprised and inquired why she wasn't enjoying the game and supporting their team. She cried out, "Didn't you see!!!, didn't you see!!!, all the players on the offence are always getting into their little circle and talking about me".