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US & Canada travel boom

Central Bank travel statistics show that travel from the United States is up 25%
for the first ten months of the year. Some 729,471 foreign non-resident arrivals
passed through Dominican airports from January to October 2003, compared to
581,441 for the same period in 2002 or 147,030 more travelers. US foreign
arrivals made up 31% of foreign arrivals this year.
Canadian travel is also up by 86,849 travelers for the first 10 months of the
year. Central Bank statistics show that 330,858 Canadian travelers have visited
this year, up from 244,009 for the same period in 2002. Canada is only second to
the US in number of foreign travelers to the Dominican Republic.
Puerto Rican travel is also up considerably. Statistics show that 50,370 Puerto
Ricans came this year, up from 29,316 for the first 10 months in 2002, for a 72%