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Fly-In for Haiti

Tourism with a humanitarian touch. A group of doctors landed yesterday in the the DR for a Fly-In organized by James Parker. Dominican pilot and heart specialist Douglas Bournigal is helping to coordinate the event. They had the fly-in planned anyway to the DR, so they decided to bring in some medical supplies to help Haiti. The mission of 25 US doctors landed at the La Isabela (Higuero) Joaquin Balaguer International Airport (AILI) in northern Santo Domingo. On their agenda is to visit historic sites in Santo Domingo, take in a dose of Dominican culture and then stay at a beach hotel in Punta Cana during their 4-day stay. The doctors have added a visit to the Love the Child orphanage in Haiti, which was set up by a doctor who works at Harvard University and located 20kms from the Dominican border town of Jimani.