Dominican models dazzle NY

Reina Montero, Roza Gough and Austria Ulloa Alcantara join Arlenis Sosa (24th), Rose Cordero (48th), as part of a group of Dominican top models who are making it onto magazine covers and headlines in the high fashion world today. As reported in Diario Libre, Sandro Guzman, who discovered Rose Cordero, the first black woman since Naomi Campbell to appear on the cover of French Vogue, described the models as the female version of Major League baseball stars. He said Dominican models are the darlings of the fashion world, the way that Brazilian models were when they were first discovered.

He said that for the girls it is all about the American dream, you start poor and achieve great wealth. Guzman pointed out that the big bucks are made from advertising campaigns, not on the runways, but the models doing more fashion shows are the ones who have more chances of being hired for advertising campaigns.

Rose Cordero and Reina Montero both took part in the benefit fashion show that Naomi Campbell organized for Haiti on 12 February during New York Fashion Week.