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Royal Slam record met with Cap Cana white marlin

Jack MacCluskey has become the youngest fisherman to catch all species billfish during the Dominican Republic’s Royal Slam competition, local press reported on Sunday. MacCluskey completed his record by capturing two fish in two nations: a swordfish off the Florida Keys in the US and a striped white marlin off the coast of Cap Cana real estate and hotel development in the Punta Cana area.

MacCluskey is only 9 years old. Because of the extensive travel involved to achieve the Royal Slam, only 100 people worldwide have achieved the target, which took MacCluskey 10 months. The nine fish species are the spearfish, the swordfish, the black marlin, the striped white marlin both the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean versions of blue marlin and sailfish.

MacCluskey breaks a record set by Wes Davis, who was 10 when he set the record.

To qualify for the record, all fish must be caught and then released in line with the rules published by the International Game Fishing Association.