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First International Bachata Festival

Finland’s leading bachata music promoter, Vesa Parkkari and Rodchata (Rodney Aquino) from San Francisco, USA, are organizing what they call “the First International Bachata Festival” in Santo Domingo. The event coincides with Independence Day and the final days of carnival. Parkkari was honored by the Dominican music association, Amucaba with the title of Bachata Ambassador for his work promoting the music. Aquino, a dance instructor, is a leading promoter of bachata in the US. He was the first to organize a bachata festival in the US.

Highlights of the event are 4 days of workshops, pool parties and activities, a focus on the Dominican way of dancing bachata, and the performance of 3 live bands – Teodoro Reyes, El Pequeno de la Bachata and Melanie. 24-27 February.