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FestiCoco Nagua from 15-19 November

The annual Coconut Festival of Nagua is being held from 15 to 19 November 2017 in northeastern Nagua, María Trinidad Sánchez province. There are stands for exhibition and sale of coconut-based products, food made with coconut ingredients, coconut arts and crafts, live cooking shows. Also on the program are beach activities, conferences, student contests, arts and crafts workshops, business rounds, field day trips, tours along the coconut route, art murals, dance and theater presentations, taste contests, trade show and more. For more information, call 849 358-0204.

The event is held to promote the coconut industry in the Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic produces 286,934 tons of coconut a year, and is 17th largest producer in the world, according to FAO statistics (March 2017).

The DR exports most of its dry coconut production to the United States, Haiti and Canada. There are 38,000 hectares planted with coconut, producing around 300 million units of coconut at present. 36% of the coconut planted area is located in Nagua, with a production last year of 98,522 units.

The FestiCoco2017 is sponsored by the City of Nagua, the Federation of Neighborhood Boards of Nagua, the Nagua Strategic Development Forum, the Association of Coconut Producers, the Chamber of Commerce of Nagua and the Grupo Rica. Also the IDIAF, Nagua Provincial Board of Tourism, among others.