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DR and Haiti sign aviation agreement

Olivier Jean and Luis E. Camilo / Diario Libre

The Dominican Republic and Haiti have signed a preliminary aviation agreement after 19 years of disruption. The president of the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) Luis Ernesto Camilo for the Dominican Republic and the director general of Civil Aviation in Haiti, Olivier Jean, signed the memorandum of understanding for aviation services that will establish the legal framework for the bilateral relations of both countries in aviation matters. The agreement was signed in Santo Domingo on Thursday, 16 November 2017.
Olivier Jean of Haiti said he is prepared to sign a definitive aviation agreement in a short time.

Minister of Foreign Relations Miguel Vargas called the memorandum great news and an important step ahead in the bilateral relations of both countries.

The definitive agreement with Haiti would be the 58th signed by the Dominican Republic with other countries. The Dominican Republic has an open skies air policy that has resulted in the country attracting the largest number of international airlines in the Central American and Caribbean region.

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21 November 2017