COE reports 15 fatalities over Christmas weekend

Photo: El Día

The Center for Emergency Operations (COE) reported on Tuesday, 26 December 2017, that 15 persons died in traffic accidents over the Christmas holiday weekend. The agency offered these details during a press conference that presented the first report of their safety operation called “Christmas Happiness for your Values and Safety.”

The COE registered 744 traffic accidents, of which 505 occurred in city streets and avenues and 239 happened on highways and freeways. The COE reported that motorcyclists were involved in 61% of all the road accidents. The COE noted that 455 of the accidents involved motorcycles, 244 involved light vehicles, four involved heavy vehicles and there were 41 pedestrians hit by moving vehicles. At the same time, 810 persons were injured including 14 fatalities caused by motorcycles. One pedestrian was hit by a car that was involved in an accident.

The COE also reported that some 324 persons were treated for alcoholic intoxication, including 26 were minors between the ages of one and 17 years of age. According to the report, 26% of the accidents occurred in Santiago, while the National District (13%), Santo Domingo (12%), Puerto Plata (8%) and San Cristobal (6%) also reported accidents.

Between the Public Works Highway Assistance vehicles, the AMET, and Civil Defense, there were 5,499 responses to incidences. Medical assistance was provided to 1179 individuals by authorities.

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27 December 2017