DGII announces new tax exemption levels for wages

The Tax Agency (DGII) has published the tax exemption levels to be applied to wages and earnings in the Dominican Republic in 2018.

These are:
Earnings up to RD$416,220 a year are exempt. That breaks down to people making up to RD$34,685 a month will not pay income taxes.
Earnings from RD$416,220.01 to RD$624,329.00 will pay 15% on the difference over RD$416,220.01.
Earnings from RD$624,329.00 to RD$867,123.00 will pay RD$31,216.00 plus 20% on the difference over RD$624,329.00.
Earnings from RD$867,123.00 and more will pay RD$79,776.00 plus 25% on the difference over RD$867,123.00.

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27 December 2017