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Social distancing and no live entertainment to greet tourists as Punta Cana re-opens

Reports show a pent-up demand for tourists who want to travel to Punta Cana for a leisurely beach vacation. There are also several thousand Dominicans who are just as anxious to get back to work. The reality is that the re-start of tourism operations in the Punta Cana area will go rather slowly. Not all of the hotels will open at the start, 1 July. Some will open in July, but others in August, October, November and December, depending on the demand

There will be no live shows, but the beaches and other facilities will be available, as long as social distancing is observed. Any tours made available will be under strict health protocols as approved by the Ministry of Public Health.

Both swimming pools and restaurants will have the strictest protocols in place, but this is not seen as an issue, given the widespread open spaces at the resorts.

According to the Listin Diario, the same security measures as are in place at the David Ben Gurion Airport in Israel will be in place, following approval by the IATA and the International Civil Aviation Association.

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29 June 2020