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For adventurers: Report in Diario Libre focuses on little known river outings

Do you like to swim? Do you like adventure? Read on.

For years the Dominican Republic tourism campaign has touted: The Dominican Republic has it all! Now the campaign is: The Dominican Republic: The Republic of the World! Both highlight the impressive natural beauty of the lush countryside.

Diario Libre shares Instagram photos of Vanessa Espinal on excursions to several outstanding river watering holes and sites around the country for the hardy and not so hardy. A handful of some lesser-known ones are:

Cañón de Arroyo Frio, Jamao al Norte in Yasica, Puerto Plata.

Cola de Pato, Hongo Mágico and Salto de Elena in Jamao al Norte, Espaillat province in the northeast

La Cascada Las Golondrinas, Jurutungo in the La Salcedoa Scientific Reserve and La Confluencia in northcentral Hermanas Mirabal.

Balneario La Plaza in La Cienaga, and Balneario Mata de Maiz in Polo, Barahona.

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25 October 2020