President Abinader in Santiago: monorail pilot plan, action plan for tobacco industry, boost to city governments

President Abinader told the people of Santiago that his government so far sees monorail technology the best solution to mass transport in Santiago, the country’s second largest city. He said studies are still being carried out. There is talk of going ahead with an eight-kilometer north-south monorail and seeing how it goes.

Furthermore, during his visit to Santiago, President Abinader handed RD$134 million to provincial mayors for public works. The media pointed out that the mayor of Santiago city, Abel Martínez (PLD-Santiago) was not present. He tweeted that he was not invited.

President Abinader was in Santiago with the president of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella (Dominicanos por el Cambio-Santiago), Vice President Raquel Peña and cabinet ministers.

During the tobacco industry meetings, Minister of Industry & Commerce Victor (Ito) Bisono presented the Plan for the Relaunching of the Tobacco Industry. The plan focuses on ways to increase the competitiveness of Dominican cigars in the local and international markets.

The President also inaugurated a primary care medical center in Los Guandules, Santiago.

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18 November 2020