Bar owner understands parks and colmados are more dangerous than bars that comply with protocols

Philip Jupp, owner of Onno’s Bar in the Colonial City, says bars and restaurants in the Colonial City have been complying with health protocols. He said this is in contrast to hundreds of youths freely congregating in the area’s parks.

“No one enters our businesses without having their temperatures checked, being given hand sanitizer, making sure they have their masks on at all times except when in the act of eating. We ensure that tables and chairs are distanced, we are testing our employees to make sure they don’t have Covid. None of these things are being done in parks and colmados. This is what the real story should be,” he says. “Young people are allowed to congregate in the parks in the colonial zone without social distancing, without masks, where they are really catching the disease,” he said.

He says many bars and restaurants have adopted all the regulations provided by the government to provide a safe environment for people to go out, enjoy themselves, and not catch the disease.

Bars and restaurants in the Colonial City are hard hit by the order to close now by 7pm every day of the week.

17 December 2020