Customs clears gifts for US$4,000

This holiday season, Dominican expats can bring gifts worth up to US$4,000 to their friends and relatives in the Dominican Republic. The “gracia navideña” is in effect from 1 December to 7 January 2022. It is the highest value for gifts authorized by the government ever.

In a press release, the Customs Agency (DGA) says the initiative is a way to repay Dominican residents in other countries for the remittances they have sent during the pandemic times. Remittances in 2020 and 2021 have reached record highs.

Some restrictions apply. The DGA says the gifts are one per family and do not include motor vehicles of any kind, firearms and raw materials for industry or agriculture, including fuels or their by products.

Only one unit of each type of merchandise is allowed, especially in the case of household appliances.

To avail themselves of the facility, persons residing abroad, who are the consignees of shipments, must personally go to the corresponding customs administrations (colecturías) with their passport, purchase invoices, boarding pass and any other documents that prove that they have not entered the country in the past six months.

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2 December 2021