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Protocol to allow camping in Valle Nuevo National Park approved

The Ministry of Environment approved the protocol for visitors to camp in a safe and regulated manner in Valle Nuevo National Park. The mountain park is a preferred overnight camping site for local and foreign tourists who seek to be in close contact with the biodiversity and unique natural beauty in the Caribbean. In Valle Nuevo, temperatures regularly drop below 10 degrees Celsius and campers can expect below zero temperatures during the winter and springtime months.

All visitors must know the park’s visitor protocol. Once in the protected area, they will have to show their vaccination card with two doses and three doses as of 31 January 2022. Only reusable personal items and cooking utensils are allowed to mitigate impact on the area.

The protocol is in effect from 27 December 2021 through 31 March 2022. Visitors and travel organizers must comply with the established norms.

The protocol establishes that only a maximum of 100 visitors may camp per night, divided into 17 spaces with a capacity of six people per designated area, maintaining social distancing with people outside the same group.

Reservations are required. To make a reservation, you must request a permit to stay overnight in the park at least 10 days in advance by sending an e-mail to: visitacionap@ambiente.gob.do. Cancellations must also be notified to the same e-mail address.

Likewise, the e-mail sent for the request must have the full name and ID number of the group leader and his/her companions, the identification of minors and the date of arrival at the park.

If the leader and the group members do not show at the park on the chosen date and do not comply with the reservation protocol, they will not be authorized to camp again.

Likewise, all individual lodging needs to be closed at night, no tents may be placed outside of the designated area, and campfires may not be built outside of the pre-established locations.

As part of the park’s conservation and protection measures, single-use plastics (plates, cups, spoons, etc.) will not be allowed in the protected and camping areas.

The BBQ area will only be used by two groups at the same time and firewood or charcoal must be brought for the BBQ.

The group leader must be responsible for removing personal utensils that will be used during the stay, such as toilet paper, disinfectant, reusable plastics and detergents, with particular emphasis on personal protective equipment (masks, gloves and visors).

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Ministry of Environment

28 December 2021