New price hike on electricity

The Superintendency of Electricity has ordered new increases in electricity rates. The increase comes just 90 days after the most recent hike on 1 January 2022. As people received their electricity bills in January there was an outcry over the increase. As so happened, if an electricity bill was, say for service between 3 December to 3 January, the January bill was priced at the new rate that began 72 hours before. All consumption in December was priced at the new rates.

And the same thing is happening as your read this. A 9% increase in your electricity bill will be there this month due, according to the Superintendennce of Electricity (SIE), to the “volatility of prices for coal, natural gas, oil, and the fuels used to produce electricity.” This increase will affect all consumers.

It should be noted that the most infamous Kwh on an electricity bill is 699 Kwh. Any consumption over this number will cause all of the electricity to be charged at the highest rate. This will now be RD$11.79 Kwh, up from less than RD$10.00 a year ago.

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4 April 2022