Metro bus passengers kidnapped in Haiti

A Dominican driver of a Dominican Metro Servicios Turísticos passenger bus and eight missionaries from Turkey along with eight Haitians were kidnapped this weekend in Haiti. As reported in El Dia, the kidnapped Turkish missionaries were identified as Efil Onur, Kont Semiih, Kilic Sewa, Dorgan Beyer, Ayden Bedia, Kormaz Ibrahim, Candan Mesut and Torun Ramazan.

The kidnapped Haitians are the passengers Presan Christopher, Murat Pierre Andre, Nelson Ketia, Jeune Abraham, Luis Mendes, Juin Bleck Leandro and Pierre Mackeny, as well as the stewardess Yveca Juvensta Sylvestre. The only Dominican among those kidnapped is the bus driver, Martin Castro.

As reported in El Dia, Haitian and Dominican authorities have the information that the gang “400 Mawozo” attributes responsibility for the kidnapping carried out in “Papay” (Papaya), in the Coriz Des Bouquet district. This is the same area where a little more than a week ago that same group kidnapped the Dominican diplomat Carlos Guillén Tatis. Guillén Tatis was released four days later.

El Dia reports that the Dominican and Haitian authorities have not yet defined if the eight kidnapped Turkish missionaries are Muslims who are supporting the expansion of this religion in Haiti. The proliferation of Muslim mosques has been notorious, many of which are supported by Turkish NGOs.

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9 May 2022