President enacts Extinction of Domain Law; law has a year to go into effect

President Luis Abinader spoke to the nation from the Presidential Palace on 28 July 2022 on the occasion of the enactment of the Extinction of Domain Law 340-22. President Abinader called the legislature an innovative mechanism and expressed it would provide efficient response to combat organized crime.

The ceremony marked the year-long period when judicial staff will be trained and amendments can still be included in the country’s forfeiture law. The actual start date is July 2023, when the penal court will open to hear these cases.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is ordered to start training the prosecutors who will be in charge of the accusations and investigations in regarding the forfeiture of illicitly-acquired assets.

By the nature of the law, amendments can still be incorporated to what was improved in Congress during the year of preparations ordered by Congress.

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1 August 2022