Coronavirus Covid-19 Bulletin #866/ 1 August 2022

The number of Covid-19 cases for Bulletin #866 was 772 up from 352 on the previous day. This number compares to the seven-day average of daily infections (confirmed lab-reported cases) that is now 483, up from that of the previous day.

The 24-hour positivity was 22.71%, down from the day before, and the 4-week positivity rate is 12.06%, up from the day before.

The Ministry of Public Health recommends getting the third and fourth booster vaccines. The third booster is now highly recommended for children from 12 years now that there have been outbreaks in private and public schools.

The fourth booster is available for those 18 years and older. The fourth booster can be applied four months after the third booster. It is recommended especially for those over 50 years of age and those with depressed immune systems.

The Pfizer vaccine is available for these boosters, but those who do not qualify to receive MRNA vaccines can get the Sinovac vaccine that is also available.

The Ministry of Public Health urges people to get vaccinated also because three million stock of vaccines is about to expire.

Vice President Raquel Peña, who coordinates the nation’s Health Cabinet, has said it is up to every person to take preventive measures and stay safe. She says the government has purchased fourth boosters for the entire population for collective health.

Masks are used now less for indoor events. Less people are wearing masks in supermarkets and stores, for instance.

The Ministry of Public Health has free testing (antigen and PCR) stations, including one in the fourth-floor parking of Plaza Central on Av. Winston Churchill in Santo Domingo. Otherwise, expect to pay around RD$1,800 for an antigen lab test.

The Dominican Republic has reached a kind of herd immunity regarding Covid-19. That is, sufficient number of people seem to have developed immunity from catching the disease, and sufficient number of people are fully vaccinated, resulting in very few Covid-19 deaths.

Most new cases are mild. Most tests being carried out at labs are antigen tests, an indication that most cases are similar to a cold and are being taken care of at home. The lethality rate is down again and is now at 0.70%, one of the lowest in the Americas, with 4,383 deaths.

There were no deaths reported for Bulletin #866. 100 people are hospitalized with Covid-19 and 12 are in ICU Covid-19 units.

As per Bulletin #866, with the deadline of 1 August 2022, the Ministry of Public Health has registered 630,419 PCR or antigen-confirmed cases since the first case on 1 March 2020.

People can purchase a low-cost antigen test for home use and treatment of the virus at home for around RD$300. In case the test is positive, people are likely to seek medical treatment but the case will not be entered into the Covid-19 statistics unless the person repeats the test in an authorized lab. As reported, most cases have been mild, not meriting people requesting lab PCR tests or lab antigen tests.

First time Covid-19 lab tests were 3,399, up from the previous day. The number of first-time lab tests compares with the 14-day average is at 2,215, up from the previous day average.

The record vaccinations for one day is 184,208 on 10 June 2021. For the 1 July 2022 dateline, Our World in Data reports 3,261 first and second dose vaccines were applied. The 7-day average is 3,252, down from the previous day.

The Vacunate government website reports injecting 7,255,385 first doses of the vaccine and 6,017,331 second doses as of 1 August 2022 in a country with an adult population of 7.8 million. For the same 1 August 2022 bulletin deadline, the Ministry of Public Health is reporting that 2,415,431 people had received the third booster shot. The fourth booster shot is also available on demand. The government has ordered all with the first two shots to get the booster shot. The government began to vaccinate for the Covid-19 virus on 16 February 2021.

No Covid-related deaths is recorded for the 1 August 2022 deadline. No death was reported having occurred in the previous 24 hours of the deadline. As of the 1 August 2022 deadline, 4,383 persons are reported to have died of the disease in the Dominican Republic, a nation of more than 10.8 million adults since March 2020. The fatality rate is at 0.70%. The fatality rate per 1M inhabitants is 419.49. Dominican physicians’ diveric Hor reported having occurred in the previous She says the goveric Hor report 2,on the the 14--navEl u-ripplee>uthorized lab. he 1 Aug0.70%. Trus ere 3rs ofe>u52,succ tet aThe fata low

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