Smuggling of US firearms to Haiti and deportees worsen crisis in Haiti

The United States government could do more from its end to reduce the crisis in Haiti. The Washington Post has been covering the situation for US readers.

The Washington Post has been following up on the worsening of the political, social and economic crisis in Haiti. The newspaper mentioned in a Saturday, 5 August 2022 opinion piece the contrast of receiving two “commodities” from the United States that only worsen the situation. The newspaper feature states: “Those exports — one smuggled, the other overt — are the latest symptom of the world’s callous disregard and moral myopia regarding the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country. Haiti has no functional government, no democracy, no peace, no hope. And the international community’s response is silence.”

The newspaper highlights:

“Last month, in the midst of a spasm of gun violence that left hundreds dead, injured or missing in the capital city of Port-au-Prince, Haitian customs officials seized shipping containers that it said held 18 “weapons of war,” plus handguns and 15,000 rounds of ammunition. According to Reuters, the items were sent from the United States to the Episcopal Church of Haiti. The church denied any knowledge of the container, whose contents were described on a cargo document as “Donated Goods, School Supplies, Dry Food Items.”

Days later, a deportation flight from Louisiana arrived in Port-au-Prince — the 120th such aircraft  to arrive in Haiti just this year. Few Haitian deportees are given the chance to apply for asylum in the United States. Since the Biden administration took office, it has sent at least 26,000 Haitian migrants to their home country, where life has been upended since the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse last summer. According to advocacy groups, about a fifth of the deportees have been children; hundreds were infants under the age of 2.”

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8 August 2022