Minister of Education blasts the public education situation; Says students are not learning

New Minister of Education Angel Hernandez blasted the situation at the Ministry of Education on his first day on the job. On Wednesday, 10 August he said that the more than 250,000 employees and the RD$250 billion spent has all gone to waste because the students are not learning.

“Anything else is wasting time and that is what we are doing: wasting time,” said Hernandez before an assembly with regional and educational district directors.

“So, it makes no sense to make such a big investment for 10 years when that the money has been lost,” he said.

Hernandez stated that all efforts should now be focused on the classroom as the center for learning.

“Up to now, the level of development we have achieved has been precarious,” stated the newly appointed minister. He said that according to national and international evaluations, “learning is minimal.”

Faced with this debacle, he asked: “Is that justifiable in the face of the investment that Dominican society is making in education?”

Hernandez maintained that the Dominican educational system’s error is that no one is concerned about whether the child learns and that there be accountability in the results.

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11 August 2022