New Minister Angel Hernandez is look alike with Mr. Miyagi of The Karate Kid

Photos of Mr. Miyagi, the legendary fictional karate master in The Karate Kid film series have made the rounds of social media in the Dominican Republic. The point is the remarkable resemblance Mr. Miyagi to Angel Hernandez, the recently named Minister of Education. New Minister Angel Hernandez indeed needs to be Mr. Miyagi as he has the task of mentoring the Ministry of Education so that it can deliver quality education.

The minister was not bothered at all by the memes and remarks online.

Through his Twitter account, the minister commented that Nariyoshi Miyagi helped a young man who intended to practice karate, and that he not only taught him techniques, but also motivated him to learn. With this, he encouraged teachers to take up Mr. Miyagi’s example.

“Miyagi is a good case to illustrate the role of the teacher in achieving good learning results. Faced with a request from a young man interested in karate, he not only taught him the technique, but motivated him to learn. I hope that all teachers follow his example,” wrote Angel Hernandez.

Former incumbent Roberto Furcal is accused of corruption in office and politicizing the Ministry of Education, of major corruption in purchasing and staff selection. The magic of Mr. Miyagi is needed to turn things around at the Ministry of Education.

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11 August 2022