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Government to build first hotel in Pedernales

The Pro-Pedernales Trust announced a tender for the contracting of a first resort to be built in the Cabo Rojo touristic development in Pedernales. The beach hotel will be built on Dominican government land and will have 580 hotel rooms in up to six floors. The government has reached an agreement with the Spanish hotel company, Iberostar for the operation of the hotel. Sigmund Freund, director general of the Public Private Alliances Agency (Dgapp) tweeted: “We have moved from dreams to reality.”

The hotel will be built on a 241,654 square meter lot. The funds for the financing of the construction are from the Pro Pedernales Trust created by Decree 724-20 of 22 December 2020. Diario Libre reports that the government is so far providing all the capital for the construction, but in the future private sector injections are expected.

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30 August 2022