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Russia shuts off gas; lots of long-stay vacation property available for Germans and other Europeans to stay warm in the Dominican Republic

Russia has stopped delivering natural gas through the Nord Stream pipeline to Germany and western Europe. This winter is a good time to consider a long-term rental or property purchase in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic has around 90,000 hotel rooms.

The Dominican Republic also has a vast inventory of more than the 90,000 rooms in competitively priced villas, houses and apartments for rent or sale all around the country.

It could just cost you the same to stay in Europe as to travel for a month or two, or more, to the Dominican Republic to pass the worst of the European winter.

As reported, deliveries through NS1 that transports natural gas from fields belonging to the Russian Gazprom to the German Baltic coast, have dropped significantly since Vladimir Putin launched the war on Ukraine in February 2022.

Lufthansa and its low cost carrier Condor serve the Dominican Republic from Germany. There are extensive other connections by a long list of airlines from other European cities.

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6 September 2022