Karpowership says it is cleared to operate barge in Azua; protests in Azua

Karpowership announces the operation of a 178 megawatt power barge integrated to the National Interconnected Energy System (SENI). The power barge will be located in southcentral province of Azua.

Upon making the announcement in a press release, Carlos Matamorros, consultant for Karpowership in the Dominican Republic, said the barge complies with all Dominican laws, best international practices and environmental requirements.

Last year, residents in Boca Chica municipality opposed the installation of the barge in the port of Boca Chica.

Meanwhile, Diario Libre reports on the protests of people in Los Negros, Azua against the installation of the power barge. The community members fear the barge will affect the environment, mangroves and fish population.

Diario Libre says it has access to an approval for the installation of a 1.2 km power transmission line signed by the Ministry of Environment.

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27 September 2022