Corrupcion al Desnudo follows the two red suitcases

Rafael Guerrero of Corrupcion al Desnudo YouTube channel shares with his readers more footage of the Punta Cana International Airport surveillance video this time showing a group of three arriving with two suitcases that very much look like the red suitcases detained for investigation at the Punta Cana International Airport in mid September 2022. In the video, Guerrero helps readers follow how the three persons arrived together at the airport and handed over two red suitcases for loading on the TuiFly flight to Brussels.

Local authorities and investigators have not shared information on their findings on the case.

Meanwhile, Guerrero has been checking the surveillance video to come to his own conclusions and encourage the authorities to advance on the case.

The video shows how the group of three that arrived with the two red suitcases after leaving these at the counter stops to talk among themselves instead of heading for the migration area. The woman who had carried the two red suitcases is seen walking as if exiting the airport instead of heading to the migration area. The suitcases are light. Another video shown by Guerrero shows how heavy one of the would be read suitcases is, so heavy he needed help to lift it when irregularly acting and removing the tag of the suitcase.

Guerrero would like to learn if the local investigative authorities have checked with Tuifly to determine if the woman’s two red suitcases arrived to Brussels and if the woman herself boarded the plane, as well as those that were accompanying her.

In the case, Julia Benoit, a 65-year old woman, was accused of trafficking in drugs after a canine unit discovered the red suitcases. At least one of the red suitcases had Julia Benoit’s name tag on it. A surveillance video provides evidence that Benoit had received tags for a black and blue suitcases, and not a red suitcase.

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5 October 2022