Nightclubs cleared to sell booze until 3am

The Ministry of Interior and Police spokesperson, Ricardo Fortuna says that over the two weeks since the ban on alcohol sales after midnight in Santo Domingo province was implemented, crime and delinquency are down 14-16%.

Yet, the Ministry of Interior & Police is retracting the measure. The owners of nightclubs and bars are again authorized to sell booze until three am starting Friday, 25 November 2022. The entertainment businesses said the restrictions generated more than RD$200 million in losses.

The schedule is back from Sunday to Thursday alcohol can be sold until 2am. On Fridays and Saturdays, sales are cleared through 3am.

The nightclubs committed to up the level of security, including better lighting and the installation of cameras and other actions. A working table will review compliance with the agreement.

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23 November 2022