Coronavirus Covid-19 Bulletin #979/ 22 November 2022

The 4-week Covid-19 positivity rate has risen to 2.29%, with the 24-hour positivity rate at 12.28%, as per Covid-19 Bulletin #979 dated 22 November 2022. The number of lab-reported tests is 1,629.

The number of Covid-19 registered cases in the Dominican Republic for Bulletin #979 was 200, up from 151 on the previous day. The number of Covid-19 cases has been rising. The seven-day average (confirmed lab-reported cases) is up to 111, after the previous week the average being 48. The number of active cases is 888, up from 648 on the previous day. The seven-day active case average is up to 621.

Except in hospitals, every day less people wear facial masks in the Dominican Republic. Nevertheless, in recent days, given the impact of seasonal influenza, more people are again using face masks as a preventive measure.

As per Bulletin #979, with the deadline of 22 November 2022, the Ministry of Public Health has registered 648,914 PCR or antigen-confirmed cases since the first case on 1 March 2020. The number of lab tests is at a recent high of 1,629.

As of the 22 November 2022 deadline, 4,384 persons are reported to have died of the disease in the Dominican Republic, a nation of more than 10.8 million adults since March 2020. The 1M/death rate is at 395 compared to the 2,761.46 average for the Americas region. The fatality rate in the DR is at 0.68%. The fatality rate per 1M inhabitants is 419.58.

As per the 22 November 2022 deadline, the cases continue to be concentrated in Greater Santo Domingo. There were 131 registered cases in the National District, 49 in Santo Domingo province, 4 in La Altagracia, 3 in La Vega and San Cristóbal, 2 in Espaillat, 1 in El Seibo, Duarte, La Romana, San José de Ocoa and Santiago.

The Ministry of Public Health says people in the Dominican Republic should continue hygiene measures to avoid falling ill the new Covid-19 variants, but more so with seasonal influenza and dengue, respiratory syncytial virus. The government has made available hundreds of thousands of free flu vaccines at regular vaccination stations nationwide.

23 November 2022