Medics march causes bottlenecks in Santo Domingo

Anyone who was circulating on Wednesday, 30 November 2022, noticed that the traffic jams in the center of the capital city got worse. The reason, the Dominican Medical Association (CMD) was championing a march to pressure the National Social Security Council (CNSS) to instate their demands. The CMD requests that the CNSS level the pay to physicians and refuses that the ARS decide which doctors are affiliated to their plans, among other demands.

The CMD is fighting against the monopolies in the health plans and the power of large financial companies behind the health providers. The CMD seeks significant amendments to the handling of health plans and pension plans in the country. The last time Congress reviewed Social Security Law 87-01, the conditions of the private companies were improved, not those of the public that uses these plans. Legislators in the Dominican Republic have their own separate health and pension plans.

The march was from the CMD in Ciudad Universitaria up the Av. Abraham Lincoln to the Av. Bolívar and then south along the Av. Winston Churchill until reaching the National Congress in the Centro de los Heroes.

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1 December 2022