Saturday is a holiday in the DR: Our Lady of High Grace Day

The Dominican Republic celebrates the Day of Our Lady of High Grace, Virgen de la Altagracia on Saturday, 21 January 2023. The national holiday renders tribute to the religious protector of the Dominican people.

The Bishopric of Higüey and the Banco Popular Dominicano announced the transmission of the third religious vigil “Por amor a la Virgen,” in honor of the Virgin of La Altagracia. The event will be streamed live from the Basilica of Higüey. The event begins on 11:55pm on Friday, 20 January with the sounding of church bells when the clock strikes midnight. The event will be transmitted until 8am by Color Visión, Channel 9, with simultaneous transmission in more than 15 national and US channels and digital media of the Basilica and Banco Popular.

Following the traditional bell-sounding event, Monsignor Antonio Camilo, bishop emeritus of La Vega, will invite to the Serenatas a la Virgen, a series of proclamations and cultural manifestations in honor of the mother of God.

Thousands of Dominicans are called to join this vigil from their homes, in the country and in other latitudes to honor the protective and spiritual mother of the Dominican Republic through prayers, testimonies and songs that highlight the Virgin as the mother of the church and mother of the Catholic faith.

Throughout the early hours of the morning, the “Serenatas a la Virgen” will be performed by young artists amid praises and reflections; in addition, there will be the presentation of the Catholic singer-songwriter Alisber Zapata and the song “Dios te salve, Altagracia,” a hymn in honor of the Virgin of Altagracia.

The National Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of maestro José Antonio Molina, will also offer some pieces from the Altagraciano Concert held in 2018. A presentation with the KORIBE chamber choir, directed by Nadia Nicola, will perform the “Ave Maria” by maestro Rafael Solano, a religious composition inspired by the Virgin of Altagracia.

There will be moments of devotion, with prayers and silences, in which thanks will be given to the Virgin, and testimonies of miracles performed by visitors to the Basilica will be heard. The faithful will be able to contemplate a “Rosary of Peace” made by children and their families, and a “Rosary of the Dawn”, in charge of the sisters of the congregation Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará.

At the closing, singer-songwriter José Antonio Rodríguez and music producer and arranger Manuel Tejada will join for the first time in the Basilica in a special moment with the song “Somos Amantes de la Paz,” a song written by José Antonio Rodríguez and the late Víctor Víctor, in the 80’s that became a hymn motivating harmony in the world.

At 7am, Father Evaristo Areché Freijomil, rector of the Basilica of Higüey will officiate a mass to close the vigil.

The vigil, which will be produced by Edilenia Tactuk, will be broadcasted by Color Visión as the main channel, which will be joined by the following channels: Teleantillas, RTVD Canal 4, Telesistema, Cadena de Noticias, Coral, Vega TV, Teleuniverso, Canal 25, Televida, Súper TV 55, Boreal TV, Megavisión 43, Teleunión, La Voz de María, Supercanal, Telefuturo and Quisqueya TV, for the United States.

Likewise, the transmission of the vigil can be followed on the Youtube channels of the Basilica (@BasilicaDeHiguey) and Banco Popular (@Popularenlinea), in addition to a network of radio stations. The opening ceremony can also be seen on the Instagram profiles @basilicaaltagracia and @Popularenlinea and on Banco Popular Dominicano’s Facebook profile.

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19 January 2023