Tigres del Licey hope to bring home Caribbean Series title

The Tigres del Licey are representing the Dominican Republic in the 65th Caribbean Series that begins on Thursday, 2 February 2023 in Venezuela. The Dominican team flew to Caracas on a Sky Cana charter.

The Dominican Republic will compete against Leones del Caracas (Venezuela), Cañeros de los Moches (Mexico), Indios de Mayagüez (Puerto Rico), Agricultores de Bayamo (Cuba), Federales de Chiriquí (Panama), Wildcats (Curaçao), and Vaqueros de Montería (Colombia). Curacao and Cuba have guest status.

The Caribbean Series will be held from 2 to 10 February 2023.

The games will be played at the 36,500-capacity La Rinconada Stadium in Caracas and at the 14,300-capacity Jorge Luis García Carneiro Stadium in La Guaira, Venezuela.

Venezuela had not hosted the competition since 2014, when it was held on the island of Margarita. The last time a Venezuelan team won the title was in 2009, in Mexico, with the Tigres de Aragua.

The “Gran Caracas 2023” Caribbean Series calls for playing four games a day, for a total of 32 games.

Colombia is the defending country. The Dominican Republic has won the most wins in the Caribbean Series — 20. The Tigres del Licey that this year represents the country lead the DR to 10 of those wins.

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2 February 2023