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Northwell Health alliance is boost to medical tourism in Santo Domingo

Northwell Health, the largest health care network in the state of New York, and Grupo Yunén announced on 27 January 2023 an alliance to offer services in Santo Domingo. The center is set up at the third floor of the Grupo Yunen on Abraham Lincoln Street in Santo Domingo.

The alliance is a boost to medical tourism. Through the alliance, Dominican doctors affiliated with Grupo Yunén will have access to Northwell Health physicians for a second opinion for local medical care.

In addition, local patients will be able to schedule appointments and start their medical records locally and, if necessary, and then be referred directly to hospitals in New York.

The Northwell Health director of the global medicine center, Dr. Eric Cioè-Peña; the senior director of medical relationship management, Josephine Guzmán; the director of the international department, Claudia Shabtai and the executive director of the international department, Joe Leggio came for the official start of the Northwell operations in the Dominican Republic.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Patricia Mejia also attended the start of services.

At the event, Dr. José Rafael Yunén emphasized that the alliance with Northwell Health alligns medical staff at the center with the best practices already established by regulations in the United States, including the diagnostic processes.

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