Nuria Piera calls the bluff of a supposed neuroscientist and psychologist

Investigative journalist Nuria Piera called supposed child neuroscientist Elizabeth Silverio’s bluff in an investigative report released on Saturday, 20 May 2023.

Silverio is a hardworking woman. She is a religious pastor but is mostly known for the child center, Centro Kogland she operated, where children with special needs, such as autism, were cared for.

After the investigative report aired, the media reported that Silverio was one of the selected consultants that assisted the Chamber of Deputies in preparing the bill to benefit children with autism.

After the airing of the investigative report, the Ministry of Public Health closed the Kogland Neurocognitive and Psychopedagogic Therapy Center. It announced that its director, Elizabeth Silverio Sillien, would be taken to justice for violations to the General Public Health Law 42-01. Silverio has owned up to having degrees from Cambridge University in the UK to the University of Florida.

Piera provided evidence on the TV program that Silverio was using an exequatur number issued to a medical doctor with a similar name. She also questioned the titles Silverio exhibited, highlighting on the TV program the mispelled words in the titles.

Nuria Piera has urged that the Ministry of Public Health carry out an extensive operation to stop persons with fraudulent backgrounds from offering public health services.

Luis Tolentino, the legal advisor of the Ministry of Public Health, said the Ministry has a platform to do this. The platform works in collaboration with the Ministry of Superior Education. But so far, only 3,000 professionals have been validated.

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23 May 2023