President Abinader receives credentials of eight new ambassadors

Dania Elena Tolentino from El Salvador presenting her credentials to President Luis Abinader / Presidency

The ambassadors of Belarus, the People’s Republic of China, Colombia, El Salvador, Hungary, Sweden, Thailand and Yemen presented credentials at a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace on Monday, 22 May 2023.

Vice President Raquel Peña and Foreign Relations Minister Roberto Álvarez accompanied President Luis Abinader.

The new accredited diplomats are:
Valery Baranovsky is the new of Belarus. Previously, he served as ambassador to Lithuania and Cuba. He was also a counselor at the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Ukraine.

Luning Chen, from the People’s Republic of China. He has been a counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Peru and Cuba. He was also counselor of the Department of Latin America and the Caribbean of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and deputy director general of the Department of Latin America and the Caribbean of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

Darío Villamizar Herrera, from Colombia, is a political scientist by profession. He has been an advisor to the Senate of Colombia in drafting bills and has also been a presidential commissioner in the Colombia-Ecuador Binational Commission.

Dania Elena Tolentino Membreño, El Salvador. She is a lawyer with a masters from American University in Washington, DC and a Fulbright scholar. She has served as ambassador to her country in Honduras and Chile.

Balázs Heincz is the ambassador for Hungary. He is a career economist. He held the post of Hungarian ambassador to Cuba, and worked at the Hungarian Embassy in Madrid, Spain.

Hanna Lambert, from Sweden, is also ambassador for her country in Cuba. Lambert is currently the coordinator of the Ministry of Development and deputy director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Previously, she worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kallayana Vipattipumiprates is the ambassador for Thailand. He held the post in 2015 in Libya and likewise in the Republic of Iran in 2017. He is also currently Thailand’s ambassador to Canada.

Mohamed Saleh Nasher Mana, of the Republic of Yemen, was ambassador in Cuba in 2016. He served as political counselor at the Yemeni embassy in Egypt.

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23 May 2023