Fake Venezuelan doctor arrested when trying to leave the country

The Venezuelan pseudo-surgeon Karla María Moya Boada was arrested at Punta Cana International Airport when she attempted to leave the country. She is banned from leaving the country because she has a legal case against her after investigative reporter Nuria Piera revealed she was offering plastic surgery services without being a medical doctor. She is a graduate in law from a Venezuelan university.

After the investigative report aired, the Ministry of Public Health ordered the closure of Moya Boada’s Ki Centro Médico Integral del Caribe offices.

In an update, Piera has reported, despite the shutdown, the Venezuelan defied the authorities and two months later began seeing patients in another medical center. Piera reported Moya Boada has an office at the Center for Comprehensive Reproductive Medicine and Care for Women (CEMERAF) where she has resumed offering her cosmetic surgery services despite the ongoing legal case.

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26 September 2023