The 10th Dominican week begins in the United Kingdom

Mockbul Ali, Amauris Vasquez and Elnio Duran / El Dia

Dominican Week is taking place in London from Monday, 13 November through Thursday, 16 November 2023. The annual event features a panel on the Dominican Republic as a logistics hub in the Americas, a forum on capital markets, and an event on investment and tourism in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to the business activities, several government meetings and cultural activities such as a Dominican gastronomic event in London and an opera concert, among others, are also on the agenda.

The event is organized by the British Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (BRITCHAM DR), the Dominican Embassy in the United Kingdom and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in the Dominican Republic. A delegation of more than 100 businessmen and official officials are participating to promote trade and cultural exchange between both nations.

Dominican Week in the UK 2023 began with an important meeting between representatives of the abovementioned entities with the UK Export Finance Department (UK Export Finance), which is the export credit agency of Great Britain, with which they discussed the possibility of new facilities to increase investment to promote exports between the two countries.

Amauris Vásquez, president of BRITCHAM DR and Elnio Durán, Dominican ambassador to the United Kingdom and Mockbul Ali, British ambassador to the Dominican Republic, predicted that this tenth version of the Dominican Week will serve to reach important governmental agreements between both countries to strengthen trade relations and also to promote cultural exchange with exhibitions of different kinds that will bring the Dominican spirit to the United Kingdom.

Ambassador Durán also highlighted the relevance of this event. “For the Dominican government, Dominican Week is a priority because beyond the cultural exchanges over the past 10 years, it has been a key event to prioritize the bilateral trade agenda that we have implemented with the United Kingdom, which is one of the main trade markets in the world for the Dominican Republic”.

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14 November 2023