Gruesome murder of Venezuelan by Italian

Michael Saba and Yenny Carolina Pérez Canelón / Noticias SIN

Public prosecutors have released details on the accusations against Italian citizen Michael Saba. He is accused of premeditating the murder of Venezuelan Yenny Carolina Perez Canelon. The precustody hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, 27 December 2023.

As reported, Pérez Canelón died of a bullet shot to the heart on Thursday, 21 December 2023. She was then beheaded and the head stored in the refrigerator of an 11th floor upscale Piantini sector apartment.

The prosecutors gave the case the category of murder based on evidence found in the apartment, including drugs, sedatives, firearms with silencer, among others. The prosecutors are requesting preventive custody.

Saba had rented the apartment via Airbnb electronic platform on 20 December 2023. The Italian’s domicile is also in Santo Domingo but in the El Cacique sector.

The Public Ministry says that the accused had been submitted for gender violence in February 2023.

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27 December 2023