Baseball Hall of Fame voting favors Beltre

Adrian Beltré / Wikipedia

Former Major League star Adrian Beltre leads the way in the early voting for those eligible to enter the United States Baseball Hall of Fame. Over the past ten years only 14 players have entered the Cooperstown Hall in their first year of eligibility, according to the information provided by the Baseball Writers of America.

As of this writing, only Adrian Beltre and Joey Mauer are getting the necessary votes to enter the Cooperstown Hall of Fame in their first time on the ballot. A player has to achieve 75% of the votes to enter the Hall of Fame in the first count.

With only 12.8% of the ballots counted, Beltre has garnered 98%, Todd Helton has 85% and Mauer has 79.6%.

Famous players such as Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez are also on the ballot this year, but their somewhat sullied past due to the use of illegal substances might hurt their chances to enter the Hall. Manny has received just less than 50% of the votes so far, and A-Rod has received some 46%. It appears that the baseball writers have not forgiven their past sins.

The 2024 entering class will be announced on 23 January 2024.

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3 January 2024