Ariel Henry hangs on to government in Haiti

Acting Prime Minister Ariel Henry seems to have no intention to leave what is left of government in Haiti. Haiti Libre reports that in a statement on 7 February 2024, Henry said: “As soon as the problem of insecurity begins to be resolved, we will launch the electoral process, in order to give power to the leaders of the Haitian people.”

In Haiti, newly arrived after being deported from the United States where he served a sentence for drug trafficking-related charges, US-trained military and former Cap Haitien police chief Guy Philippe continues to incite rebellion and call for Henry to leave government.

The Dominican government insists it has the border under control. Morning news reports indicate that barricades have been built at select points on the border with Haiti. Convoys have been seen patrolling on the border. The Dominican army has little or no experience dealing with insurgence.

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8 February 2024