Dominicans celebrate Dominicans on the Hill in Washington DC

US representative Adriano Espaillat led Dominicans on the Hill activities in Washington, D. C. on the occasion of Dominican Heritage Month in February in the United States.

Dominicans are now the fourth largest population of Latinos in the United States, surpassed only by Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba. US legislator, Dominican-born Adriano Espaillat highlights the growth of the Dominican population and its influence in the United States when citing data compiled by the Instituto de Dominicanos y Dominicanas en el Exterior (Index).

“Dominicans are the fourth largest population of Latinos living in the United States, and our growth and political influence continues to strengthen each year. Dominicans on the Hill showcases the countless contributions that Dominicans have made so much in my city of residence, New York, as throughout the United States – and further strengthens relations between the United States, the Dominican Republic and the Dominican diaspora in general,” Espaillat wrote in a document sent to Diario Libre.

He said there are 2,393,718 Dominicans living in the United States, or about 22% of the total population living in the Dominican Republic, according to the population count of 10.7 million inhabitants for the 2022 Census.

As for cities, New York, with 935,759, is the third in concentrating the largest number of Dominicans, making the metropolis the third largest Dominican city only behind Greater Santo Domingo and Santiago.

New York, New Jersey, Florida, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania are the five US states with the highest Dominican communities.

Spain follows the United States as the destination of most Dominican expats, with 188,308 Dominicans most living in Madrid and Barcelona.

The United States and Spain comprise 91% of the total diaspora.

Italy is the third destination for Dominican migrants with a concentration of 28,812 nationals, followed by Canada with 22,125 and Chile closes the top five with 19,481.

The second report of the Index, which was published this Wednesday, also reflects some interesting data such as that Greece is the State with the highest proportion of Dominican women with 84.2%, of the total number of women living abroad and that Canada accumulates the largest number of young Dominicans under 25 years of age with 46.9%.

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8 February 2024