62% of the population say politicians are corrupt

The results of the University of Vanderbilt Americas Barometer 2023 survey indicate that more than 60% of Dominicans perceive the majority of local politicians as being corrupt. This perception is the same in the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean. The findings were presented at the PUCMM in Santo Domingo.

1,596 persons were surveyed. Those polled said that the economy (50%) was their main concern, displacing insecurity (21%).

When pollsters asked the question: what is the most serious problem that the country is facing? One in two Dominicans mentioned the economy as the most important problem in the country in 2023.

The 2023 Americas Barometer represents the 10th round of the University of Vanderbilt’s LAPOP Lab main project, which marks a significant milestone in the realm of public opinion research in the Americas. The LAPOP Lab project receives funding from the Usaid of the US government.

Over the past decade, the Americas Barometer has emerged as a leading source of data, providing valuable insights into the political, social, and economic landscape of the region.

Another finding is that for the first time, the generalized perception was that women politicians are just as corrupt as men politicians.

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22 February 2024