Beware: Burundanga is making the rounds in the DR

A Santo Domingo businesswoman warns people to watch out so as not to become a victim as she was to the chemical known here as “burundanga.” Those touching the chemical lose control of their actions. Abroad the chemical is known as “Devil’s Breath.”

Gladys Rodríguez, CEO of Agnes Models, a modeling school, said she was hypnotized when about to leave the parking lot of a supermarket in Santiago. In an intoxicated state she visited three banks where she had deposits and removed RD$500,000, RD$200,000 and US$18,000 to hand the cash to the assailants. She said she remembers a woman had approached her in the parking lot of Bravo Supermarket on Av. Salvador Estrella Sadhala in Santiago asking for directions. She recalls there were three other persons in the vehicle.

She urged the collaboration of the banks. She said the bank surveillance cameras clearly identify the persons who stood with her as she unknowingly removed the funds.

Diario Libre reported that at least 15 persons have placed complaints with the Cibao Central division of the Police for being assaulted in parking lots of supermarkets and banks by people using the same method.

Captain Fernando Perez Valerio, spokesman for the Police in Santiago, said the Police is working to identify the assailants.

The chemical is many times blown into the faces of unknowing persons or soaked into business cards to incapacitate the unsuspecting persons.

The victims enter a zombie-like state with no ability to control their actions, leaving them at risk of having their bank accounts emptied, homes robbed, organs stolen, or being raped by a street criminal.

To prevent being a victim, people are strongly recommended to avoid close contact with strangers; do not accept a piece of paper from a stranger, especially those asking for directions. Avoid being alone. In case of being poisoned, the person with you could be your savior.

The US State Department also alerts people to not leave food or drinks unattended when traveling. And to not accept food or drinks from strangers or new acquaintances.

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22 February 2024