Thousands line up to ride Santiago’s cable cars

Late last week, Holy Week in the Dominican Republic, people were lining up at the main terminal of the brand-new Santiago Cable Car Integrated Transportation System to take a four-kilometer rid on the newest attraction in the city. For many, it was an opportunity to enjoy the views of Santiago from above, a free entertainment over the Easter Week holidays.

This first section of the system, some four kilometers long, is expected to carry 4,000 passengers per hour, and is currently operating a reduced schedule of two-hour shifts in the morning. However, as of Monday 1 April 2024, the service is increased to at least four hours of operation: 6am to 8am and from 4pm until 6pm.

This first phase of the skylift, that operates along Las Carreras Avenue, was inaugurated two weeks ago by President Luis Abinader.

The project cost well over RD$6 billion and is intended to serve some 74,000 commuters in the most heavily populated barrios of the city.

These first four kilometers go from La Yaguita del Pastor on the southside of the Yaque River to the Central Terminal on Las Carreras Avenue. The ride takes 10 minutes for what could take upwards of half an hour in heavy traffic.

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1 April 2024